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Frequently Asked Questions

Directions from Prince Albert, Saskatchewan to the landing at Wapawekka Lake

• Take HWY 2 North 124 miles (200 km).

• Turn east (right) on the Creighton Road ( rd 165), 25 miles (40 km).

• Turn north (left) for 16 miles (26 km). 

• Turn east at Northern Echo Lodge Sign, 1 mile to landing

How do you get my firearms across the boarder?

•  Follow this link and complete the form.  Have the form filled out and ready for customs at your point of crossing.

What firearms work for bear hunting?

• Most shots are 20 to 50 yards.  Looking through a scope at this distance, looks like a big black blob.  We recommend open sites.  Generally a .270 or bigger is a good rule of thumb for bears, use a heavier grain cartridge and a lead that opens up on impact. 

What firearms work for moose hunting?

• Moose hunting shots are 100yds to 250yds.  Site in to this yardage.  Once again a .270 or bigger is best for these large animals.

What lures are best for fishing at Northern Echo Lodge?

• We have dark water in the big lake.  Spoons with one shiny side work best for the large norther's. Jigs of different colors work best for the walleye and perch.  That being said, all fishing lures can and do work and trying new stuff is part of the fun.

What do I bring for clothing?  

• For our spring and fall hunts we recommend an all weather wardrobe with water proof boots and slickers.  It is not uncommon to receive the full spectrum of weather from winter to summer and back again.  For summer fishing bring rain wear and layers.  Rifle hunters and those hunting at the same bait as rifle hunters must have orange vests and orange hats.

What else should I bring? 

• Towels and blankets are provided.  Bring toiletries and personal care products. 

Can I wear camo?

• Bowhunters may wear camo, rifle hunters and those hunting with rifle hunters need an orange hat and vest. 

What is a HAL and how do I get it? 

• The HAL is a Saskatchewan “Habitat Allocation License”.  It is a one time payment and once given a number you will be in the system for good.  Follow this link to create your HAL account.  

Now I have a HAL how can I get my angling license? 

• Use the link here you can get your angling license and print it off. 

How do I get my bear or moose hunting license? 

• As the Outfitter I will need to purchase, on your behalf, a RAL (Resource Allocation License).  In order to do this, I will need the following for each hunter in your group. 

  1. Hunters name

  2. DOB

  3. HAL #

Once I have this info you can call Lorraine at 1-306-425-4234.  She will require your HAL and with this will sell you your license.  I will pick these up for you in La Ronge prior to your hunt.  If you are born prior to Jan 1, 1971 she will need your firearm safety (hunter education) certificate.  She is very specific that she needs the certificate.  If you have already performed this step in previous years she should have it on file.

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